10 Reasons You Should Hit the Barre Tonight

November 3, 2014

That internal debate you’re having right now about whether or not you should hit the barre tonight? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 reasons it’s the best idea you’ve had today:


  1. Because nothing compares to that feeling after a “worth it” workout.
  2. Because you know a better mood is only an hour away.
  3. Because the last meal you ate, might not have been your healthiest.
  4. Because your barre buddy is waiting for you!
  5. Because you’re beginning a life-enhancing habit.
  6. Because you’d rather be wearing tights and socks anyway.
  7. Because you’ll go to bed feeling accomplished.
  8. Because you’re tired of being tired.
  9. Because you’re trying to avoid getting sick.
  10. Last but not least: Because nothing beats a dancer’s body.

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