About the studio

Xtend Barre Alexandria is conveniently located on Henderson Rd in the heart of Alexandria.

The studio enjoys a leafy aspect overlooking Australian Technology Park with easy access and plenty of parking available. We offer a fast-paced, 55-minute full body immersion that fuses dance, Pilates and sculpting exercises at the ballet barre to give you a chiseled body – and fast! 

By using a series of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches, the Xtend Barre system sculpts the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique… without added bulk. Developed from a dance / Pilates background, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates. At Xtend Barre Alexandria we teach a multi-level, safe, fun and effective class that anyone can join and thrive in. No prior Pilates experience or dance training required. Meet you at the Barre!

Before Your First Class…

New clients must fill out their liability waiver form before their first class. Grippy socks are required. Feel free to bring your own or buy a pair from us. Don’t be late. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, we can’t let you into the class. No mobile phones permitted in the studio. Please inform your instructor if you are pre/post-natal or have any pre-existing medical conditions. If you need to cancel your reservation, please note your studio’s cancellation policy in order to avoid being charged a late fee. You may cancel online or by using the Xtend Barre app. Email and phone cancellations are not accepted.

A note from the studio owner…

Through our passion for Xtend Barre and Pilates we will help you to create positive changes in your body and your life.

Meet our instructors

Julia Keast

Julia was a professional dancer for over 15 years. During this time she worked and lived in Europe for almost a decade. She performed in Australian and International musical theatre and television productions and was Principal Dancer at the prestigious Bal de Moulin Rouge in Paris. Upon return to Australia, Julia began to study the body more holistically, initially interested in acquiring knowledge and skills to treat her own injuries. This quickly developed into a desire to help other dancers and people in the wider community with rehab, strength and fitness. Julia has now completed a Diploma of Massage Therapy, is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor and will complete her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with Pilates International Training Centre in 2016. She received her pre/postnatal Pilates certification through the Center For Women’s Fitness in 2014. This is an area of practice which has become her particular interest and Julia adores working with  women in this demographic.  She is an Xtend Barre Teacher and Teacher Trainer and has trained many instructors who are now working at various locations around Australia. Most importantly, she is the proud owner of Xtend Barre Alexandria! Julia hopes to make every class that you share with her into 55 mins of pure fun using music and movement and safe, effective technique.

Ashleigh Gurnett

Ashleigh’s passion for dance and exercise led her to fall in love with Xtend Barre. After traveling the world performing for Princess and Norwegian Cruise Lines she is thrilled to say goodbye to her sea legs and teach the class she loves to take. She looks forward to bringing her technical jazz experience into the studio and can always promise a laugh or two as she works you out! Ashleigh’s dance training has led her to perform in two national tours with recording artist ‘Kanye West’ as well as a plethora of children’s shows in multiple countries including India and The Philippines. Ashleigh’s favorite part of instructing is nurturing her clients and watching their confidence and technique grow with each class. She looks forward to seeing you in the studio and promises to deliver the total body work out Xtend Barre is famous for!

Elaine O'Doherty

Elaine began dancing at age three in her hometown of Portsmouth in the UK, appearing in numerous stage and TV productions both in the UK and Europe. In 1999, she settled in Sydney with her husband and discovered AND fell in love with the Xtend Barre Workout! In 2012 she became a certified Pilates Instructor and continued on with her Xtend Barre qualifications.

Mel Firbank

Melanie started dancing at the young age of three, going on to train professionally in contemporary dance. She then went on to study her Bachelor of Performing Arts in Acting. Since then, Melanie has worked in theatre, musical theatre and film across New Zealand, Australia, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Melanie loves that Xtend Barre offers the ability to strengthen and sculpt your body, combining the musicality and creativity of dance.

Stacey Rigney

Stacey is a classical ballet dancer turned biomedical engineer who fell in love with Xtend Barre for its focus on the most fascinating piece of engineering there is – the human body. She loves an endurance-testing cardio series at the Barre, and is always passionate about sharing her knowledge of human movement since she is soon to be Dr Rigney with a PhD in Biomechanics. Combining the safety of Pilates with the performance of dance, Stacey’s Xtend Barre classes are sure to make you stretch, shake and smile!

Ashleigh Woodlands

Ashleigh is a professional dancer who has completely fallen in love with the full body workout of Xtend Barre. Ashleigh has been dancing since the age of five and after having completed a Bachelor of Dance in 2012, she decided to pursue a career in performing. Ashleigh has performed internationally as a cabaret dancer at the Crazy Palace in Germany and she is currently performing on Sydney Showboats. Ashleigh believes a workout as dynamic and rewarding as the Xtend Barre workout should be shared with the world. It has allowed her to rediscover correct alignment of the body to prevent injury, in a fun, energetic environment that actively tones and sculpts the whole body. What more could a lover of dance and fitness ask for?

Brett Harris-Mills

Brett has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years and believes that health and fitness are the two most important things in our lives. Already accredited with a Diploma in Exercise Science, Brett discovered Xtend Barre! He believes it’s the greatest workout to tone, strengthen and give total well being.

Beth Penney

Beth discovered the wonders of Xtend Barre in Adelaide while studying full time dance. Instantly hooked, she continued taking numerous classes each week to add to her conditioning regime with dance. During her second year of study Beth learnt even more about her body with a severe back injury. This then showed her just how special and accessible Xtend Barre is to anyone and everyone, with having to modify so much of the class (after some time off, of course!) and still getting a full body workout. After graduating, Beth completed instructor training here in Sydney and knew instantly she had to move here. Now enjoying her new life away from Adelaide, Beth can’t wait to share her passion and love for everything Xtend Barre has to offer!