Xtend Barre Pasadena

2535 E. Washington Blvd. Suite A
Pasadena, California, 91107 USA
(626) 460-8750

About the Studio

Xtend Barre Pasadena is a boutique fitness studio focusing on overall client health while sculpting and toning the body using a combination of dance, Pilates, and cardio. Our welcoming team is dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one. The location has two studios, a pre/post exercise loft, locker rooms and private restrooms that offer convenience for those who wish to change or freshen up on sight. The studio also offers a children’s room for those busy parents who want to transform, revive and rejuvenate with a quick workout. Xtend Barre Pasadena is a visually stunning space that evokes a spirit of energy and community with impeccable attention to detail. The beautifully constructed fitness studio is bright and modern. This premier studio is conveniently located on E Washington Blvd in north Pasadena and offers ample parking in a parking lot. We will open with a variety of 40+ classes, and offer a variety of unique fitness apparel and accessories to help keep your body & wardrobe on point.


A Message from the Owner

What makes Xtend Barre different? Well, I believe a lot of things. Unlike anyone else in the industry, Xtend Barre takes a unique lifestyle approach to living healthy, combining barre classes and group fitness classes that encourage clients of all ages, male and female, to achieve their goals. The variety of our class offerings will challenge you to push harder and move smarter. Making it easy for you to show up inspired and select the best class for you! As an owner I am committed to each of our clients overall health and our studio aims to be a pillar of the community, providing clients and visitors with a motivating and high-energy space that celebrates positivity, health, and your best self.

I can’t wait to meet you all at the barre!!

Meet our instructors

Lora Banner

General Manager

Lora discovered Xtend Barre four years ago and began working and managing the Scripps Poway studio in San Diego before moving up to LA and joining the team in West Hollywood. She’s thrilled to now be managing the studio in Pasadena! Lora was a professional dancer for most of her life and then became a fitness instructor and personal trainer before becoming a part of the Xtend Barre family. She got hooked on Xtend Barre because she loves the combination of dance and fitness, and from her years of practice she can tell you that while it doesn’t get easier, you do continue to get stronger and she loves how quickly you start to see and feel a difference in your body. When Lora is not at the Pasadena studio, you can find her cooking at home with a glass of wine, or hanging down by the beach giving her standup paddleboard a good workout!

Brittni Whitesides

Assistant Manager/Instructor

As a former dancer and competitive cheerleader, Brittni first became a fan of Xtend Barre while living in Salt Lake City in 2012. After moving back to LA, she started taking classes at her local West Hollywood studio and became so passionate about the Xtend Barre method that she immediately went on to get her teaching certification. Brittni loves Xtend Barre because she sees how quickly it delivers results in an environment that’s fun, friendly and full of energy. Her motto is “never give up” and she loves working with clients to help them see that their bodies are stronger than their minds and that they can achieve amazing things if they believe in their own potential. Brittni is a huge fan of the great outdoors and when she’s not spending time with her family, she can be found creating and experimenting with new recipes for her fun and fit food blog, which has its fair share of peanut butter and chocolate features.

Jessica Herrera

Jessica was a fan of barre for many years, but her introduction to Xtend Barre in 2015 is what fueled her passion for becoming an instructor and working with people to achieve their fitness goals. Jessica credits her own instructors for being a huge influence on her life and now as an instructor herself, she is constantly looking for ways to motivate others both in and out of the studio. Jessica always likes to tell her clients to be patient with themselves because everybody is different and every person needs their own time to adapt to a new workout or routine. All she asks for is a positive attitude and a commitment to hard work! When Jessica is not at the studio, she can be found studying for her Kinesiology degree in the company of her two doxies Dexter and Daisy. She’s also mad about the LA Kings, all things Disney, and musical theater, especially Hamilton and Wicked.

Brigitte Wannar

After taking a Xtend Barre class on a whim in early 2015, Brigitte knew that she not only wanted to belong to a studio, she also wanted to be an instructor. Brigitte believes that Xtend Barre gives women an opportunity to tap into their inner ballerina and find the grace and poise that is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. She loves that the workouts are for people of all ages, sizes and athletic ability and that even though most people don’t come from a dance background, it gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy something fun, different and completely customizable. Outside of the studio, Brigitte also enjoys boxing, yoga, and long walks in the sunshine and while she does love her green smoothies, she also can’t resist a good PB&J and has a teeny tiny addition to chocolate.

Whitney Fortmueller

Whitney was introduced to Xtend Barre from a friend who was on her high school dance team and she hasn’t looked back since. Whitney says she loves barre because it’s not only effective and fun but also fosters an incredible community of genuine and inspiring people who truly enjoy working out together. When she meets clients for the first time, she likes to remind them that everyone has been the new person once before and that every day from now on is leading towards a stronger, better you. Whitney’s motto is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” which is a piece of advice she often puts to use in her on again/off again relationship with her acoustic guitar. When she’s not jamming out or at the barre, you can find Whitney honing her skills as a tap dancer and actress, or enjoying a heavenly cup of coffee.

Monica Remes

As a dance teacher and someone who is fascinated by the body, Monica is passionate about educating the community about how they can achieve amazing results through barre. She would know – after a debilitating back injury left her unable to move for four months, barre became a key part of Monica’s recovery as she got to experience first hand what it was like to start from the beginning again. Monica knows that trying something new can be hard and she likes to remind her clients not to be overwhelmed or compare themselves to others and focus instead on where they are and where they want to be. She knows better than anyone that the work will always pay off in the end. Outside of fitness, Monica is a budding videographer and enjoys experiencing life as a voiceover artist, part-time pet sitter, and full-time vegan.

M’Leah Manuele

M’Leah found an class pass for Xtend Barre in her Christmas stocking more than three years ago, and after her first try she was hooked. After becoming a regular practitioner, M’Leah was thrilled with the changes in her physique, which she could never seem to achieve through other forms of exercise. M’Leah also loved how the barre helped her relieve stress and boosted her confidence, which is what inspired her to become an instructor. When working with clients, she always likes to remind them not to worry about what they look like and to have fun while being focused on their own personal workout and progress. She loves motivating people to be their very best selves and to leave class feeling like a rockstar! When M’Leah is not at the barre, you can find her writing, enjoying The Bachelor, travelling with her husband and indulging in her favorite foods – Mexican and chocolate.