Xtend Barre Newstead Opening Soon in Brisbane, Australia

August 17, 2016


Former Moulin Rouge and Lido dancer, author of the best-selling book ‘Memoirs of a Showgirl,’ star of her own stage show and mother of two – Shay Stafford is excited to open her second Xtend Barre studio! After eating, sleeping and breathing the Xtend Barre brand for the past two years as the owner of Xtend Barre Stones Corner, Shay is excited to be spreading the love across the bridge on August 27th! Xtend Barre Newstead will be opening in the heart of vibrant, inner-city Brisbane, which is a fitness and wellness mecca!

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Shay’s first Xtend Barre experience was a few years ago when she attended a class at Xtend Barre in Sydney, Australia. “I was a retired dancer, post-natal and almost collapsed with fatigue during the class! But I knew that it would be the next step in my career,” Shay says.

After teaching at Xtend Barre in Sydney for a few years and seeing first hand the results clients were achieving and feeling, Shay knew she couldn’t return home to Brisbane without this workout. She moved back home to be closer to her family, and she saw the opportunity to open her own studio in a town that did not yet have a stand-alone studio. Shay confidently opened Xtend Barre Stones Corner with the goal of financially supporting her family, while continuing to do what she loves. Fast forward to two years later – Shay has cultivated a strong local community of clients and instructors, and she is eager to open another barre that others can call home!


Shay’s favorite part of being an Xtend Barre owner is being part of the Xtend community. “Not only my local community of beautiful clients and instructors, but also the international community that we, the studio owners, Andrea and the Corporate team in Boca and clients all over the world have created together.”

When we asked Shay what she knows now about being an Xtend Barre owner that she didn’t know before she opened her first studio, she says: “Every day will be different, and while you can try to be prepared and informed, you also need to be open and flexible to whatever may come your way. I love that I am learning all of the time.”

As for Shay’s advice to anyone interested in owning his or her own studio, she says: “Be prepared to work very hard, and to be able to wear many different hats. Also, do not think about doing this without a strong team. It requires investing time and money to create the support you need, and then you can have fun with the amazing people who are drawn to Xtend Barre.”


When we asked Shay what sets the Xtend Barre workout apart from other barre workouts, she believes foundation, passion and results are what make Xtend Barre so unique. “You can’t beat a service or product, whatever it may be, that has been thoughtfully crafted by people with knowledge, experience and heart. Our workout has improved the quality of many lives in so many different ways, and it thrills me daily to be a part of that,” Shay says.

Xtend Barre Newstead will be a part of the Function Well community on Commercial Road, which houses physiotherapists, naturopaths, gym, beauty salon and more.

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